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Things that will make your life easier

Things from Amazon (usually better prices than local stores for these small items):

  • Snark SN-1 Clip On Tuner ($10.26) : Tune quickly and accurately (though don’t forget to use your ears as well).
  • Dunlop Banjo Capo ($14.99) : Raise the pitch of your Ukulele. Sing in a higher key without changing the chords.
  • Manhasset Music Stand ($33.08) : I’ve used all kinds of music stands over the years and this classic is still my favorite.
  • Aquilla Premium Ukulele Strings ($6) : Considered by many the best ukulele strings available. If you have a Lanikai, these are already on your ukulele.

Items you’ll want to go to a music store to get:

  • Metronome : It is best to try out a metronome before you buy it. Some of them have very annoying beeps or clicks that will drive you insane. You’ll want to buy one that you can listen to for a very long time and the only way to know that is to listen to them at the store. Ask one of the music store staff to help you. Prices range from $10 to $50 for electronic models or more for a traditional wind-up metronome.

The Best Songbook

I’ll only be posting ‘public domain’ songs on the site (those written before 1922). So, if you’d like to get a good selection of more modern songs (legally), this is the best book to start with:

Actually, Jim Beloff is the editor for the popular Jumpin’ Jim’s Ukulele books. I have several of these, but the above is the largest.