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Review: Alfred’s Basic Ukulele Method

Alfred’s Basic Ukulele Method is a book for absolute beginners starting from scratch. It teaches notation and tablature, starting the student off with melodic picking and then eventually moving into chords and strumming. With the exception of “Over the Rainbow” at the end of the book, the student learns through folk songs that are the staple of most of these kinds of methods.

The production value on the DVD is top-notch and will be a great addition for those that need to see a technique performed as well as offering a pleasant personality to play along with and motivate your practice.

As one reviewer noted, practicing for 45-minutes a day will get you through this book in about a month. I do not see that as a negative, the same could be said of most method books and the cost is negligable with a book/cd/dvd all for the price of one movie.

Cons: I did find one typo (not a big deal). If there is something this is missing, more strumming patterns to practice, which I find make singing and playing together a little more interesting, would be nice.

Where this method excels: One of the better introductions to melodic picking and tablature that I’ve seen among the beginner methods. If you’re interested in doing instrumentals on the uke, this is a good place to get a foundation.

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